Keep VirtualBox GuestAdditions updated

In order to keep the GuestAdditions in sync with your VirtualBox (VB) version, I am using dotless-de’s vbguest Vagrant plugin. See their documentation for usage. If the configuration of a local file path for the ISO file does not work with the following error (maybe Windows specific): Downloading VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO from C:/Coding/vm/dev/Vagrantfile/VBoxGuestAdditions_5.1.0_RC1.iso ==>… Continue Reading Keep VirtualBox GuestAdditions updated

Escape special characters used by Jira/Confluence

Confluence and Jira are amazing at interpreting characters for text-formatting. But sometimes it just doesn’t come in handy. Imagine you are documenting CLI parameters: $ somecommand –some-param=xyz Confluence/Jira would express this as a strike through text, because of the hyphens. This can be circumvented by using the backslash escape character: $ somecommand \-\-some\-param=xyz    

PHPStorm – Git Commit – Check/Uncheck all changes

If you, like me, are of the mind to commit at random times in small portions, then you found the PHPStorm Dialog “Git Commit” annoying. You always need to click on the root node to unselect all changes and then re-select only those changes that you actually want to commit. An “uncheck all changes” button… Continue Reading PHPStorm – Git Commit – Check/Uncheck all changes