Upgrading Gitlab

Gitlab follows semantiv versioning. It even does not allow you to upgrade from a non-latest minor version to a new major version. Meaning: 10.1 -> 11.4 is now allowed if there is a 10.8 version. Thus you need to upgrade in steps: 10.1 -> 10.8 -> 11.4 (for example). Procedure: # Create a backup (Don’t… Continue Reading Upgrading Gitlab

Docker: TaskNuke remove those annoying orphaned tasks from a network

The setting: $ docker network rm myNetwork Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = FailedPrecondition desc = network kny0nsuae9ymnpzjzufrefn9a is in use by task iczzsz7yrrafhn08y1slnhr8l The solution: $ docker pull dperny/tasknuke! $ docker run -v /var/run/docker/swarm/control.sock:/var/run/swarmd.sock dperny/tasknuke iczzsz7yrrafhn08y1slnhr8l iczzsz7yrrafhn08y1slnhr8l The glorious source: success.docker.com РHow to force remove an orphaned task from a network

Docker: Symlink your log files to stdout and stderr!

When you’re in a Docker container, ideally you don’t want to have to enter the container in order to read log files. It’d be best to have everything on stdout and stderr of your container so Docker picks them up automatically and thus delivers it to any logging driver you attach. This is thankfully easily… Continue Reading Docker: Symlink your log files to stdout and stderr!