About me

I am a (web-) backend developer and DevOps Engineer with 5+ years of experience based in Franconia, Germany. Father, step-father and husband.

When I am not freelancing, I am working at vitasystems.

Have a project you are passionate about? Shoot me an email at worp[at]worp.io I’d love to hear about it. Maybe we can make it happen together!

Find me on github and stackoverflow, linkedIn and Xing.

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Sven Hüßner

Sven Hüßner


Sven was born in lower Franconia, Germany. He studied theatre, media and applied computer science at the university of Bayreuth, Germany. Having spent some intense rookie years in the digital city Munich, working as an IT consultant at Netlight for clients like Audi, Sixt or FTI Touristik, he has switched to a family-first focus with the birth of his son. Having left Munich he is sometimes available for some freelance work these days and some dearly loved projects.


  • Backend Development
    Various frameworks for each language
  • DevOps Engineer
    Cloud Infrastructure
    Continuous Integration and Deployment
    Linux (especially Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian)
    Docker Swarm
    ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana
  • FrontEnd Development
    Angular 4.0
  • Agile development
  • Tools
    Atlassian toolkit
    Jetbrains IDEs


DevOps Consultant, Freelancer

2018-01 — Present

As a freelancer I care deeply for my clients. I support companies in areas of dynamic infrastructure and specialize in containerized environments. I advise and build CI/CD pipelines, improve build times and put emphasis on boosting uptimes, stability and availability.

  • Creating dynamically scalable infrastructures based on Docker containers
  • Containerization of client applications
  • Bulding a complete lifecycle based on Docker and containers – From developmnt, via testing and staging, to production.

Team Lead DevOps and Operations Management, vitapublic GmbH a vitagroup AG company

2020-02 — Present

Senior DevOps Engineer, vitasystems GmbH a vitagroup AG company

2020-02 — Present

Backend Developer/DevOps Engineer, Perbility

2017-08 — 2020-01

At Perbility we are revolutionizing the way middle to large companies handle business processes. HELIX is a fully customizable process management software capable of handling literally any process, from HR to management, ordering coffee at a cafe or SAP environments. As a backend developer the team and I build the modular, generic framework that powers HELIX and allow our application developers to create arbitrary process management application on top of it. As a DevOps engineer I engage in deployment and infrastructure challenges and help to guarantee maximum stability and performance.

  • Created a framework to model arbitrary business processes
  • Established an innovation lab to think about the future of the company and next generation products

IT Consultant, Netlight Consulting

2015-06 — 2017-08

Netlight is a genuine, value driven consulting firm in management and IT. We refine the concept of IT-consulting to be about talents who, in cooperation, create valuable results for our clients. Netlight operates throughout Europe with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Helsinki. Netlight has been a reliable supplier of qualified consulting services since 1999 and currently employs more than 600 employees.

  • Evolved FTI's "sonnenklar.tv" website with a hand crafted booking engine and smart API layer to intelligently select best performing travel options for customers: https://www.sonnenklar.tv/
  • Rebuilt Sixt' world-wide vehicle management system from a COBOL legacy system into a modern web application. Key requirements included providing an intelligent guard system to adhere to all legal regulations involved in all car processes in all 105 countries that Sixt operates in.
  • Supported the team bringing Sixt IT to the cloud in creating a AWS and Docker based automatic deployment system for all IT projects of Sixt for the future.

Owner, Mindworp.de – Gaming

2012-03 — Present

I am running mindworp.de, a gaming community for 250+ gamers, together with my brother. We host game servers, provide communication, host tournaments and write server administration tools to keep our community growing.

  • Managing an active, live community of ~250 with around 30-40 unique actives on weekend days.
  • Maintaining a GitLab for our coding members.
  • Teamspeak – NPO hosting
  • Providing web hosting for our members.
  • Running an OwnCloud instance for our members.
  • Providing and maintaining various game servers including but not limited to Minecraft, CounterStrike, Don't starve, Left4Dead2, Ark Survival Evolved and many more.

A tale of game design and tech stacks, Ancient history

2012-03 — 2015-06

Before I joined Netlight in 2015, I used to be many things. Having found my passion for tech, I joined up with Rayd for some majorly creative projects and soluzione knowledge for some insights into eLearning. Check out the full story on my LinkedIn or XING profile. Or talk to me. I will glady tell you!

  • Evolved deployment and tech base of soluzione's "Autopilot" and "Lernwelt" to a modern stack of varying technologies.
  • Developed a data exchange server to allow arbitrary communication between mobile clients, servers and applications.
  • Ran a web-show called "Web vs. Promi" where kids play motion-detection games at home on their webcams against a star-guest in the studio, featuring Daniel Budiman.
  • Worked on the first drafts of Angry Birds Epic.
  • Designed the mobile game "Towers and Dungeons" for Ravensburger Digital.


University of Bayreuth

2008-10 — 2012-07




Computer Games