Install docker-machine on osx

Because since recently, whenever I update Docker, my docker-machine command is gone and I keep forgetting how to re-install it: This is to safe time next time it happens. Instructions provided on docker/machine Github.

Allow jenkins user to sudo

This is just a quick repost of RUN A SHELL FROM JENKINS USING SUDO (UBUNTU) Disclaimer: This is UNSAFE and you should NEVER do it unless in a protected, shielded and non-public-accessible dev environment. This is not even safe enough for a permanent testing environment.

Disabling HSTS for any domain

Google has HSTS and some domains fall under it automatically. This makes Chrome automatically use HTTPS instead of HTTP. As I often work on local/development/testing environments in internal, protected networks HTTPS is not necessary. Yet Chrome forces me to HTTPS everytime anywas. This thread to the rescue: How to stop an automatic redirect from “http://”… Continue Reading Disabling HSTS for any domain

Export Website Certificate from Chrome on OSX

Sometimes there are problems to export a website certificate that is not trusted by one of the major CAs (self-signed or development certificates for example). Usually you’d open the certificate details in Chrome, then drag and drop the image icon to any folder on your computer (for example your Desktop). Then you’d double click it and import… Continue Reading Export Website Certificate from Chrome on OSX

Add root ca cert to docker-machine

When creating new docker-machine Docker nodes, one needs to add necessary root CA certificates to them in order to let them communicate with SSL protected services. The easiest, if manual, method is to copy the ca certificate (in .pem format) to /var/lib/boot2docker/certs on EVERY swarm node (if running in swarm mode).

Reminder: Make Docker trust certificates

To import a self-signed CA certificate that you want to manually trust in your Docker VM, follow these steps: Taken from: Recommended way to install CA certificate on local VM docker machine #1799 According to you can also trust a self-signed cert by doing the following: If you are running the registry locally, be… Continue Reading Reminder: Make Docker trust certificates