vs code tweaks

Currently my main editor is Visual Studio Code, which Microsoft has done a marvellous job on. Despite installing various extensions for the various things I’m working with, I will collect some tweaks here that I usually do, so I can remember them later: Navigate between tabs with Cmd+<number> Add the Cmd+<number> keybinding to your keybindings.json… Continue Reading vs code tweaks

debugging in vscode

I am currently debugging a 10+ year old PHP project, trying to migrate it to PHP 7.2 While debugging VSCode would start giving me “error evaluating code” and jump out of the debug session after the first step. When I stopped the debugger and reloaded the page, the page would load fine. So it didn’t… Continue Reading debugging in vscode

clear all open panes in iterm2

These shortcuts and functions in iterm2 just made my life so much easier: clear buffer Cmd + k clear lines (Bash command) Ctrl + l input to all panes in current tab Cmd + Alt + i I clear panes quite often when working with containers and I usually have quite a number of panes open. Being able… Continue Reading clear all open panes in iterm2

LVM Cheatsheet

Just for me to remember the most basic commands: pvdisplay List physical devices.vgdisplay List volume groups.lvdisplay List logical volumes. lvmdiskscan List devices that may be used as physical volumes lvextend Extend logical volume (by percent, up to specified size or by amount)resize2fs Resize file system after extending a logical volume pvcreate Create physical volumevgcreate Create… Continue Reading LVM Cheatsheet

Turn any website into a windows app?

Trying out Asana I found this website: Turn Asana into a Windows desktop app I wonder if this works for any website. I will play around with it a bit. *edit: This hints to a Windows way to do the same thing: Run Google Keep on the desktop in its own window

GNUPG – Email encryption and signing – full setup on Mac OSX

To sign and encrypt emails on Thunderbird one can use PGP keys. To understand the cryptography behind it and read more about PGP, please use Google. This post will just describe the setup on Mac OSX. #1 Install Thunderbird I will let you figure out that one by yourself. Get it here. #2 Install Enigmail… Continue Reading GNUPG – Email encryption and signing – full setup on Mac OSX