How I loved to get rid of GitKraken

So if you’re looking for a git gui that’s platform independent you will undoubtedly eventually come by GitKraken.

The tool in itself is great. It has almost everything you could wish for:

  • Perfect Platform independence
  • Comprehensive diff and staging capabilities
  • Conflict Resolve/Compare capabilities (this is actually really nice!)
  • Good/OK tree view
  • Nice, dark UI that doesn’t scare the eye

However, there the niceties end.

Let me go into detail:

The platform independence is achieved by GitKraken being based on This means it’s basically running a Chromium browser and everything that happens is web based on the inside. This is actually great for all platforms, since the support is very good. Sadly this brings about the most critical problems…

  1. When used in a professional setting, it’s quite common that git repositories become quiet large. When opening large repositories however, GitKraken is extemely slow.
  2. When switching branches, GitKraken also has a bad performance.

So an overall bad performance is definitely a thing once you go above some hundreds of commits, both while navigating inside a repository as well as opening new repositories.


Furthermore the tool requires you to have an Axsoft account or log in with Facebook. This is an “OK” point (I don’t get why I would want an Axsoft account to use a git client, but that’s personal choice), because the tool is free after all. So signing up for an Axsoft account to get a free tool is not that big of a deal. The problem comes if your company is running a proxy setup…

GitKraken CANNOT connect to its login/sign up server if you are behind a proxy!! ( = WTF???)

I have had a disturbing conversation with their email support. Which told me, after giving me a couple of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” solutions, that they don’t have proxy support “yet”, but it’s a “very high priority [for them]”. Weeeeeell….let’s just say I have been looking into GitKraken for more than a year and just waited for a point to try it out… Proxy support has not happened since then… If that’s high prio… *fades out*


Bottom line:

For some private projects to play around a little, it might be nice. Don’t touch it in a large professional environment or when you are behind a proxy.

GitKraken does not compare to the single one most perfect Git UI in the universe! (Which is obviously SourceTree, but that’s, sadly, Windows and Mac only…)




On linux, instead try Gitg. It’s quite nice and insanely fast with any size of repository, if not as feature rich.

And, as always: Use commandline!

Checkout this command, it’s cool:

$ git add -p --

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