managing disks and using lvm (and other tools)

This is probably one of the best posts:

Just a collection of some links that I found nifty, dealing with disks on Linux:

fdisk -l or parted -l, lsblk (aka list block devices)
List all hard disks connected to a CentOS system – lshw
Check for hard disk errors / signs of failure on CentOS Server
CentOS / RHEL : How to extend Physical Volume in LVM by extending the Disk Partition used
CentOS / RHEL : Resize (extend) non-root EXT3/4 filesystem on non-LVM device (hard disk partition)
Let’s Resize Partition and Filesystem with fdisk and resize2fs!
CentOS / RHEL : How to resize (extend) existing Physical Volume (PV)
Centos 7 Extend partition with unallocated space

For future reference (not tried yet):
How to Create Disk Partitions using cfdisk
How to detect new hard disk attached without rebooting in Linux