Thoughts on errors in technological infrastructure and products

Often times I am confused by my own and other people’s thoughts. We just experienced two power outages. One might be inclined to think “In our country? Really? I could have bet we are so over power outages.”

Well apparently we’re not. And the power outage killed large parts of my working quality tonight. Simply because I had to go outside, check if anything was known to neighbours, call the energy provider and such things.

And I felt mad because of the error. I thought “this CANNOT happen, they SHOULD have prevented this.”

And at the same time I always feel like any system that I’ve ever seen, ever been working on is not absolutely safe against all imaginable kinds of outages.

So I am sitting here, I have the first power outage since we moved in 1 1/2 years ago and I am mad about that system failing. Yet if I had my own systems often as well harnessed against downtime as they do (1 in 1,5 years is quite a good quote I think), we’d have some less trouble.

So why am I becoming mad? Is that just a human psychology thing? It definitely feels weird and the more I think about it the more it feels stupid to have that train of thoughts, yet the feeling persists. It annoys me although I feel like I should understand and just accept it, as my own systems are probably even less harnessed.

It’s weird.