vs code tweaks

Currently my main editor is Visual Studio Code, which Microsoft has done a marvellous job on.

Despite installing various extensions for the various things I’m working with, I will collect some tweaks here that I usually do, so I can remember them later:

Navigate between tabs with Cmd+<number>

Add the Cmd+<number> keybinding to your keybindings.json file, as described in VS Code – Possible to switch tabs/files with cmd+numbers?

    { "key": "cmd+1","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex1" },
    { "key": "cmd+2","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex2" },
    { "key": "cmd+3","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex3" },
    { "key": "cmd+4","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex4" },
    { "key": "cmd+5","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex5" },
    { "key": "cmd+6","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex6" },
    { "key": "cmd+7","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex7" },
    { "key": "cmd+8","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex8" },
    { "key": "cmd+9","command": "workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex9" }